Norwegian vikings on tour

NOR Team consist of Norwegian Virtual Skipper (VSK5) sailors. On this page you will among other things find the members of the team, link to our Discord server, the NOR Team Calendar and information about out own Valhalla Shootout Regatta.

Team Members

Balder (Magnar)

Bilbo (Jonas)

euphoria (Harald)

Excalibur (Christian)

LaJ2 (Lars)

Larsvegas (Lars)

norone (Roger)

thomasoxo (Thomas)

The Americas Cup Boat, AC75 can be found here:
The boat was released in version 2.0 10.3.2021.

You may also want to download:

American Magic skin - by euphoria

Ineos GBR skin - by Balder

TNZ skin - by Balder

Photoshop skin template - by euphoria

AC75 Courses - by LaJ2 / euphoria
(All skins, template and courses updated to version 2.0)

The NOR Team Calendar