Valhalla Shootout Regatta

Valhalla Shootout Regatta

Event #14 will be held Thursday 6th of October 2022 at 20:30 CET.

Register by filling out the form (usually opens Monday of the race week). The first 25 to register are guaranteed a spot. Additional entries will be on a waiting list. Be on the race server to take a spot from a no-show. The first race prestart will begin at 20:30 sharp. Boats absent at this time may lose their slot to boats on the waiting list. No restarts for late arrivals. A warm up prestart for the first race will be done 20:26. Each race will last around 20 minutes from start line to finish line, which means the whole regatta will be completed in 2.5 hours.

The VSK server password for the race is shootout

Code of conduct

If you are invited to this regatta by the RC, it's because you are among the most fair sailors of Virtual Skipper. You have good knowledge of the racing rules of sailing and you value fair sailing very high. Skippers are in general welcome to join even if not invited, but it is expected that they follow these principles. Skippers that contribute to negative activities on VSK are not welcome. Typical examples are hostile server names and automatic point harvesting.

If there has been contact between boats, then at least one boat has broken the rules and shall take a penalty. If you cancel a penalty which requires contact (usually 11, 12, 15, 16 and 18) and no boats take a penalty turn, then it is expected that a protest is filed after the race, or a boat is voluntarily retiring. Submitting a protest takes only 2 minutes.

Cancellation of a clear and obvious penalty is a violation of rule 2, fair sailing. Violations of rule 2 may result in rejection from future regattas.


NOR Team is using elements from the Viking age on skin design etc, and that's where the name comes from. Valhalla is the place where Vikings who died in battle were sent, a big hall with unlimited amounts of food and drinks. And that's where we are sending the 5 skippers who are shot out from each race of this regatta...

NEWS: From event #14, results from the event will also be submitted to the VSK ELO Ranking system.


For event #14, the first of 2022, we will race on the original shootout courses with western theme, as created by Goffe. These and previous courses are available in the course folder.

NOR Team Shootout

See the list of submitted protests below


Sailing Instructions

  1. The regatta can have up to 25 boats and will last for up to 5 races.

  2. The last 5 boats in each race are eliminated for the next round.

  3. The boats are ranked by the sum of points in ascending order. The score in the final is used to break any tie between the finalists.

  4. The points for each race are the finishing position (base points) multiplied with the weight factor listed above the race column. The weight factors are tuned to make each race have the same weight as all the previous sailed raced combined. When looking at the scoreboard after 4 races, you know that the finishing position of the 5th race will simply be added to the current score, which makes it's easy to do the math for the finalists.

  5. Other than finishing position, base points are given as shown below:
    DNF: Number of boats starting in a race
    DNS: Number of boats starting in a race +1
    RET: Number of boats assigned to a race +1
    DSQ: Number of boats assigned to a race +1
    DNC: Number of boats assigned to a race +2

  6. The regatta rules are the complete racing rules of sailing, except when not relevant for VSK. Well known adjustments for VSK applies in addition to the following points:

    • If VSK gives a penalty for a rule that requires contact (11, 12, 15, 16.1 and 18), then it will be considered as contact even if a replay does not show any contact, except if there was extra ordinary lag involved.

    • Information on the ISAF panel (top right corner of the VSK window) shall be regarded as correct for what tack a boat is on, and overlap status, except when two boats are clearly overlapped indirectly through a third boat

    • Under rule 20, a hail for 'Room to tack' may be shortened to 'RTT,' and a 'You tack' reply may be shortened to 'YT' / 'T'.

    • Add to rule 20.1: She shall not hail if the obstruction is a boat sailing on starboard tack on a beat to windward. Other boats does not need to respond to such a hail.

    • Add new rule 20.2 (f): A hail for RTT is only valid for adjacent boats that have to change course as a direct consequence of the hailing boat tacking.

  7. It is mandatory to accept a penalty cancellation request. Breach of this instruction leads to DSQ by default.

  8. It is possible to protest, either manually by hailing "P Boat Name" in the chat, or on a cancellation. There is no requirement for a hail on a cancellation - a cancellation is to be considered as a valid hail (from any boat in the race) against both boats involved.

  9. Submit a protest or request redress by clicking on this link, or the button below the scoreboard. You have to login with a google account to protest. If you have problems with the google form, you may submit the protest on the NOR Team Discord server or as a last option send an email to A protestee may respond to the protest on Discord or email.

  10. The protest time limit is 60 minutes after finishing the last race of the day.

  11. A redress will not change the fact that you may have been eliminated from further races, but it may change the result in the actual race.

  12. Protests will be looked at after all the races are sailed. If a boat is DSQ'ed in a race, she will be scored DNC in all the following races. This means that in practice, more than 5 boats may be eliminated in each race.

  13. The race committee consist of all NOR Team members and the protest committee consist of euphoria and JieL.

  14. A boat that disconnects during a race will get a wildcard in the following race if

    • she had passed the first mark, and

    • she was in top 50% of the qualifying part of the fleet

Here are two typical examples on the modified RTT rule, see SI 6.4:

In the situation on the top, Yellow has enough room to go behind Green (Rule 15), which means she has to do so in order to keep clear (Rule 10). Yellow can no longer ask for RTT.

In the situation on the bottom, it is not possible for Yellow to go behind and she is prevented from tacking. Green therefore has to bear away in order to give Yellow room to keep clear (Rule 15).

Autumn Season 2020

Spring Season 2020

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