VSK Graphics Bug

  1. Download DxWnd https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/files/latest/download (a tool for running various compatibility fixes for old games)

  2. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder where you can find it again. DxWnd doesn't need to be installed, it can just be run.

  3. Run dxwnd.exe from the folder where you unzipped it to.

  4. Click on Options->Expert Mode

  5. Click on Edit->Add

  6. Fill in a Name in the Name Box (e.g. vsk5)

  7. For Path and Launch Select the vskac32, vsk5.exe or vsk5online.exe

  8. Uncheck the "Run in Windows" Checkbox

  9. Switch to the "Tweaks" panel. In the List of available tweaks mark "ddraw:ForcesHel"

  10. Click the button with the down arrow to move the tweak to "Active tweaks"

  11. Switch to the "Libs" Panel and uncheck "Remap Client Rect"

  12. Optional: On the "Direct3D Panel check "Trim Texture formats" and select "mixed" in the Area that reads "Force Vertex Proc. / Execute buffer"

  13. Optional: Switch to the "Compat." Panel and check "Limit available resources"

  14. Optional: Switch to the "Video" Panel and select something different than SVGA

  15. Click OK

  16. Right Click the VSK5 that shows up in the list now.

  17. Click "run hooked"